Student Accommodation Nottingham


About Student Accommodation Nottingham

We have been providing accommodation for students at Nottingham University and local colleges for about 15 years so we have lots of experience in providing the sort of service students need. Our properties are well-known for low rents plus quick repair service. Once they move in almost all tenants remain in our accommodation until they leave university. Also, a large number of new tenants come by way of personal recommendation from existing tenants.

Most rooms are let to students studying at Nottingham University; many are from overseas and many are also postgraduates. Some overseas students from local colleges and a few European students on work placements are also tenants.

Four Reasons To Rent From Student Accommodation Nottingham

Most rooms are £220pm. Often other landlords/agents are charging much more for the same sort of room in a similar house next door!

We can be flexible in terms of the length of contract. A 10 to 12 month contract is preferred to keep each house fully occupied but if you need to rent for a shorter period we can negotiate. Houses can be rented to both groups and individuals.

Prompt Attention
Any serious breakdown is attended to promptly normally within one or two days. You will not be left without central heating, or with a broken shower etc.

Friendly Service
Our intention is that you enjoy your time in our property and that means dealing with any difficulties that may arise in a sympathetic manner.

Student Accommodation Nottingham is not a letting agency.